The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

Rating- 5+

This book is written from several points of view with several individual stories that end up intersecting.  The intersection, of course, involves the husband’s secret. Each character is tied to St. Angela’s Primary School in one way or another and they each begin to cross paths.

Celia, the perfect mother of St. Angela’s, finds a letter from her husband John-Paul which is only to be opened upon his death.  John-Paul, however, is very much alive.  What would you do?  Would your curiosity get the best of you?  For Celia, it finally does, but how will she deal with the secret she discovers?  How will John-Paul deal with this?

Tess, who enrolls her son in St. Angela’s after moving in with her injured mother, thinks her life is going pretty well.  She is happily married to Will with a wonderful son, great best friend, Felicity, (her cousin who is more like her sister), and a good career.  However, what will she do when Will and Felicity admit they have fallen in love with one another?  How will she deal with the ultimate betrayal?  When she meets back up with Connor, the P.E. teacher at St. Angela’s, will he become her happily ever after?

Rachel, the secretary of St. Angela’s, believes Connor murdered her daughter years ago.  She continues to grieve the loss of her daughter deeply.  Will she ever find out the truth?  If so, will she finally be able to move on?

This is in my list of books to always recommend when asked.  Definitely in my top two for Moriarty.  It was incredibly well written with characters that make you want to binge read so you can find out more.  I had trouble stepping away from this story.  The first time I read it, I was very focused on Celia and John-Paul’s story.  I wanted to know what the letter contained and how she would deal with the fallout.  However, the second time I read it, I was very focused on Tess and Will’s story.  With the big mystery out of the way, I felt myself drawn to her.  I questioned the choices she made and really felt her betrayal and heartache.

This is one of the best parts of Moriarty’s writing.  She really makes you feel.  I find myself angry, happy, sad, betrayed, and a little lost while reading her books.  The characters are real and relatable even if the situation is out of the realm of what may happen in your real life.  However, I do find most of the situations very believable and realistically written.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have told others to read this book.  5+ in my opinion!  Go buy it today and you won’t be disappointed.