Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends by Robert Scott Thayer

Rating – 3

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a vibrant book with great information on ocean animals. I loved the illustrations! They are vivid and include a lot of detail that can be discovered together with your child. Lauren Gallegos definitely deserves credit for a great job. The fun facts and additional information are great and really make this an educational read.

As much as I enjoyed the illustrations and educational opportunities, I found the story lacking. The characters lacked personality, and there was very little description. I liked the idea behind the book, but the story could definitely be improved. Perhaps if it was simply expanded on with a bit more detail and description I would’ve enjoyed it a bit more. My three year old enjoyed it, but it isn’t one he will be begging for over and over. If your child enjoys non-fiction, this may still keep them engaged, but if they are looking for a captivating story they may find this one a bit boring. The illustrations are enough to keep it engaging if it is used more as an ocean exploration / educational book.

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