Holding on to Chaos by Lucy Score

Rating – 5+++

Okay, if you’ve been reading Blue Moon in order (and you should be, so if you are behind hop right on back to Summer and Carter in No More Secrets…trust me you don’t want to miss any of this series) you will be surprised by just how good this is.  I mean, we’ve come to expect fantastic things from Lucy especially when it comes to Blue Moon, but she has seriously outdone herself here.

I didn’t think Blue Moon could get any crazier, but they managed to pull it off!  Only in Blue Moon could a planetary crossing cause mass chaos.  This book is absolutely hilarious!  People are acting completely out of character, but it is all done Blue Moon style.  When they riot, they leave money for the items taken, and when they are arrested, they only need a taped off square to hold them captive.  This book takes everything I love about Blue Moon and pushes it up a level.  It is fun to see the quirky town completely lose what little sanity they had.

The hilariousness doesn’t stop there.  Eva is a riot.  She is really one giant walking disaster.  I seriously laughed out loud this entire book.  It is so much fun.  While Eva is a fantastic person, grace and style are not really her thing.  When she is nervous she gets even clumsier, and that makes her interactions with Donovan Cardona aka Sheriff Sexy even more fun to read.  Beyond being funny, Eva is such a great person.  While everyone is so worried about protecting her, she has made it her life’s mission to protect her family.  She is so very selfless with those she loves.  However, this has caused her to distance herself from her family and those she cares about in general.  In this book, we get to see her learn how to open up and let others in.  We see her begin to learn how to accept herself and take credit for some of the great things she has accomplished.  With the support of the town, Donovan, and her family she is able to find the strength she needs to face her demons and embrace true happiness.

And Donovan.  Donovan is the epitome of a hero.  He is Sheriff Sexy.  He always puts the needs of others before his own.  He has sworn to serve and protect Blue Moon, and he seems to know no limits when it comes to that.  People know they can count on him.  I absolutely love that he knows what he wants and sets out to get it.  He is completely upfront with Eva about his feelings, and he refuses to back down.  There is something so perfect about an honorable man who openly puts his heart on the line.  He is there for Eva no matter what and is determined to bring out the best parts of her.  He knows how strong she is and works to show her what she is capable of.  While he comes to her rescue, he never sees her as a helpless damsel in distress.  He is exactly what she needs.  She also brings out the fun, easy going side of him.  Together, they balance one another.

I truly didn’t think I could love Blue Moon more than I already did, but this book was seriously fantastic!  The characters are so real!  I feel like I have taken a trip to Blue Moon and experienced this astrological apocalypse with them.  The only thing I am left thinking is…who’s next?  Blue Moon can’t possibly end here.  I mean, we have so many characters I need to know more about!  I can’t wait to see what Lucy dreams up for us next.  Whatever it is, I can guarantee I will be there one clicking away and loving every minute of it!

Overall, this is a must read, one click, purchase without thinking twice book.  I cannot recommend it enough!  If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, this series is currently free for you, so you have no excuses!  While I am a KU subscriber, I didn’t think twice about pre-ordering this, and I don’t regret it at all!