A Little Bit Crazy by B. Cranford

Rating – 5+++

To say I am A Little Bit Crazy about this book would be the understatement of the century.  I was blown away by B. Cranford’s writing in The Brightest Star!  I absolutely adored Sebastian and Brighton and fell in love with Declan and Jade as well.  I was instantly ready for this book, and waiting has been absolute torture.  However, I have been put out of my misery, and I am completely insane for this book!  This is me, shouting from the rooftops, I LOVE A Little Bit Crazy!!

Declan and Jade are amazing.  I was completely enthralled in their story.  Who doesn’t love a man who knows what he wants and fights to get it?  Declan is everything you could hope for in a book boyfriend.  He is strong and devoted.  He is protective and supportive.  Did I mention he is completely hot and amazingly sexy?  However, Cranford somehow makes him someone we can relate to.  This man, who seems to have it all, is really just a man.  He has his own struggles and shortcomings, but he learns from mistakes and works to be better.  He could have any woman he wants, but he chose Jade, and he refused to give up on her.   He chased her relentlessly for over a year, even when she made it ridiculously hard, he wouldn’t walk away.  Overall, he is pretty perfect.

And Jade, oh how I love Jade.  On the outside she appears to have a backbone of steel. All fire and sass.  With her pink hair, tattoos, and amazing bright heels, she appears to have it all together.  However, on the inside she struggles with her baggage and insecurities.  She knows how heavy her baggage is, but she has no idea just how strong she really is.  Not only that, she loves so deeply and is completely so devoted to those she loves.

I love each of them so much, but together they are beyond perfect.  They struggle to be together, fighting past mistakes and baggage, but loving each other couldn’t be avoided or ignored.  They bring out the absolute best in each other.  They truly make one another better people.  They are able to support one another in times of need and enjoy each other during the good times.  They understand each other and are able to truly be themselves when they are together.  And their chemistry?  Off the charts!  Hot doesn’t begin to describe it.  These two are completely on fire!

While their relationship is filled with ups and downs, the highs are so high and the lows are so low.  This book completely pulled at my emotions.  I felt for each of these characters deeply, and this is why I love Cranford’s writing so much.  She writes real characters who make you want scream, laugh, cry, and celebrate right along with them.  But none of it will feel over the top.  While reading, you will completely forget these are fictional characters.  Instead, you will be in their world with them, dreading the moment you have to leave.

If you haven’t read The Brightest Star, you need to start there…like right now.  And the second you are finished, you need to buy this and read it.  This could be read as a stand alone, but you really don’t want to miss Sebastian and Brighton’s story.  My only question…what is next, and how soon can we get it?!?!  I need more B. Cranford in my life!

Thank you to Give Me Books and B. Cranford for allowing me to participate in this release blitz!

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