Awkward by Lily Kate

Rating – 5+

Feel free to stop reading right now and one-click this book with confidence, because I loved it!  Still with me?  Okay, let’s talk about why I loved this one so much, but then you still need to go buy it, and read it immediately! Deal?

Once I started reading, I hated that I had to stop before finishing.  This is definitely a book I would’ve read in one sitting if possible.  This book has fantastic characters that hooked me from the very beginning.  Everyone needs a Jack Darcy and Allie Jenkins in their life.  They are the best of friends – fun, loyal, and not afraid to stick up for one another.  These two are completely adorable.  When Jack has trouble finding a girlfriend, Allie jumps in to help.  From the outside, Jack seems to have it all – money, looks, and a great personality.  However, when he tries to date, he is completely awkward.  Allie steps in to coach him with Romance Academy.  However, what if the right person was there all along?  Could Jack and Allie ever be more than friends?

I loved watching these friends interact.  I was cheering them on from the very beginning.  While it took them some time to figure out what everyone else could clearly see, their obstacles and challenges were very believable.  I loved that while they shared so many things, they were also both strong, independent characters.  Allie wasn’t waiting for a white knight to come rescue her, and Jack wasn’t looking for someone to take care of him, or living off his parents’ wealth.  They also protected their friendship above all else, and I love that they saw how important they were to one another.

The story line for this book was great.  We get to know Jack and Allie as both individuals in addition to their relationship with one another.  It was extremely sweet!  I also loved their friends.  Caroline and Aimee were great additions to the story.

Overall, this book was an extremely sweet friends-to-lovers romance that had me hooked the whole way through.  I loved the characters and story kept me completely engaged.  I definitely recommend reading it!  This was my first book by Lily Kate, but she is definitely an author I won’t hesitate to read again!

I received a free copy of this book with no expectations or obligations to the author.

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