Just Right by Erin Nicholas

I bought this book months ago, and somehow let it slip through the cracks in my TBR, so when I had a chance to grab a free copy of the audiobook, I jumped on it.  I’m definitely glad I did, because I enjoyed both the story and the narration. It was a cute, quick listen that left me curious about the rest of the series.

Ben and Jessica were interesting characters.  It took me a while to warm up to Ben, but I did find myself liking him more as the story went.  Both characters have interesting backstories that explained a lot about their choices as their pasts were revealed throughout the story.  I really liked that they both had obstacles to overcome together. The side characters were also interesting, and I am definitely curious about what will come from the rest of the series.  I felt like there were hints as to who these characters are, but there is also a lot left to uncover.

The narration for this book was great.  Karen White did an excellent job! I won’t hesitate to grab her narrations in the future.  The Whispersync feature and price if you own the ebook are definitely selling points as well.


He’s a better-than-a-Boy-Scout, trauma surgeon extraordinaire. Who just punched a patient in the nose. 

She’s the director of the ER. And is now in charge of keeping her star surgeon in line until his suspension is over.

First order of business is prying his perfect ass off the bar stool…and keeping her huge crush on him under control. Except he refuses to move until she agrees to – and then loses – a bet for 48 hours of her undivided attention.

Okay, she can handle this. How much trouble could they possibly get into in two days? And how much could she possibly enjoy that trouble? And if he simply can’t be her Knight-in-Shining-Scrubs anymore, well, then she can finally move on. Because she’s not into bad boys. Anymore. Supposedly.

Contains mature themes.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this! I’ll be recording the last book in the series next week and I’m sad it’ll be over. I really loved getting to know all the “Day Shift” guys and the Bradford family.

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