Valentine’s Date by Amabel Daniels


Chauffeuring New York’s rich elite isn’t Roman Malcolm’s dream job, but one client, Zoe Crispin, is his dream girl. Too bad she’s engaged to Aiden, a world-class jerk who doesn’t appreciate her.

Quiet and down-to-earth, Zoe prefers to stay in with a good book and decent glass of wine. It’s exactly what she intends to do for the most romantic night of the year, since her fiancé is stuck at the office. Again. Only, apparently, he’s not, because Roman explains that he’s to pick her up for a surprise dinner date with Aiden. 

Roman makes his first mistake in assuming that an engaged couple would be dining together on a date. When he and Zoe learn Aiden intends for a different woman to be his Valentine, Roman refuses to make another mistake and let Zoe go without confessing his love first.


If you are looking for a very quick, cute read, this could be the perfect one for you. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a greedy reader. I want all the words, but I still enjoyed this short read.

It still had a bit of build to the story. I could feel Roman as he pined for Zoe, and I could feel every bit of her hesitation about her future. As the story progressed, I could feel their passion toward one another. 

I would actually love to see this story expanded, because I think there is a lot to these characters that could be further explored. I would love to see more of their build and time together as their relationship progressed. However, for a short read, this was entertaining with likable characters, and an interesting plot.

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