Black Sheep by Meghan March Audio

Dirty Mafia Duet Book 1


From New York Times best-selling author Meghan March comes a story of untold truths and one man’s redemption in the Dirty Mafia Duet – available in audio first!

Every family has a black sheep. In the infamous Casso crime family, that black sheep is me – Cannon Freeman.

Except I’m not a free man. I’ve never been free. Not since the day I was born. I owe my loyalty to my father, Dominic Casso, even if he won’t publicly acknowledge me as his blood.

I’ve never had a reason to go against his wishes…until I met her.

Drew Carson turned my world upside when she walked into my club looking for a job.

Now, my honor and my life are on the line.

Going against my father’s wishes might buy me a bullet straight from his gun, but black sheep or not, it’s time to make my stand.

She’s worth the fallout.

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Holy freaking cliffhanger! I mean, I knew it was coming, but I still was not prepared to be left there. I am more than a little obsessed with this story. I love Cannon and Drew. Despite all the deceit, I’ve been cheering then on from the beginning. They are both such complex yet lovable characters! I absolutely can’t wait to hear what happens next!

The narration for this story is absolutely perfect. Andi Arndt and Sebastian York completely killed it.


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