One Night Only by Lynsey M. Stewart

Title: One Night Only
Author: Lynsey M. Stewart
Release Date: August 1 st , 2019


What if you met the right man at the wrong time?


He’s a male escort. 
As in, he has sex for a living. 
As in, my hard limit.
I’m supposed to be writing an article about him, not falling for him. 
But something about Matthew Shaw makes me want to suppress that hard limit.
He’s smart, funny, and too beautiful for his own good.
But he makes his money through orgasms…and I don’t share.
I can’t. I won’t. 
But I still want to.


There are reasons why I escort. 
Reasons no one knows. 
But when Stacey waltzes into my life, with her eager questions and fiery red hair, I start to imagine a different kind of life. The life I can’t have with her.
She’s the one I’ve been waiting for. 
The gorgeous journalist who lights up a room.
But how can I ask her to stay? 
If I stop, if I give up, I’ll lose everything. 
I wish I could tell her why. 
I can’t. I won’t. 
But, God, do I want to.

This sassy heroine, swoony hero, soul-mates and fate story is a standalone and has a happily ever after.

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I had absolutely no idea what to expect from One Night Only when I first dove in, but I absolutely adored Lynsey’s last release, Lament, so I went in with an open mind.  There were a lot of really great things about this book.  The writing was fantastic, the characters hooked me from the very beginning, and there was a HEA.

This book was so well written.  Even when I hated the decisions that were being made, even when I was dreading turning the page, I couldn’t stop reading.  Once I started, I was completely addicted to finding out what happened. I needed to know how this story ended.

I really liked Stacey and Matt.  They were both complex characters on their own.  Stacey was driven and very lovable. She has a huge heart, and she knows what she wants.  Matt carries the weight of the world, or at least his world, on his shoulders. He wants to do what is best for everyone which often means he isn’t doing what is best for himself.  They were both completely likable on their own, and when they were together, their connection couldn’t be denied.

Even with all of that, I had a hard time loving parts of this story.  I understood why the characters were making the choices they were, but I hated it for them…for all of them.  It was crushing to see their hurt regardless of the reasons behind their decisions. I longed for them to make it to their HEA, and honestly, at times I wasn’t sure they would.  However, when it came, I was so happy for them. The ending was everything I hoped for, so if you can hold on through those gut wrenching moments, you will find that happy ending full of love you’re looking for.


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About the Author

Lynsey M. Stewart enjoys writing stories about characters that experience a few bumps in the road before finding their happily ever after (also known as contemporary romance with plenty of heat) She lives with her husband, her soulmate and muse, along with their gorgeous, precious, ridiculously independent little girl. Lynsey began writing after being inspired by great books, amazing writers and wonderful stories that she couldn’t stop thinking about long after reading the last word. If she’s not writing, you can usually find her with her head in a book or singing along to music. She’s hopeless, but she enjoys pretending to be Adele every once in a while.

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