Dear LJ Evans

Ready for story time? So, tonight I’m sitting on the couch while music is streaming on YouTube. All of the sudden, Calum Scott and Leona Lewis come on singing “You Are the Reason”. I absolutely love this song, so I tune in.

And then it hits me. All the Mac and Georgie feels. I was so excited when LJ Evans said she used this song as inspiration for her upcoming release, Forged By Sacrifice, because it’s a great song. However, that was before I read the book. Now, I’m sitting on my couch crying while my husband and little guy ask what’s wrong. Yep. I’m that person. I’m sitting here missing fictional characters and thinking about the struggles they had to overcome. Thanks, LJ. 😉

Needless to say, Mac and Georgie are the kind of characters that stick with you. They are incredibly well written and feel like my friends. Their struggles are so freaking real and will pull at every single heartstring you have. Their love is so pure. It has to overcome so much, but their HEA is one thousand percent worth it!

I guess my point is this…if you haven’t pre-ordered Forged By Sacrifice yet, you need to do it right this minute. This book is everything I’ve come to expect from LJ Evans who is easily one of my all time favorite authors. It is beautifully written, passionate perfection. It left me incredibly fulfilled, yet anxious for more. This is a book you don’t want to miss.

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2 Replies to “Dear LJ Evans

  1. Gah…. I’m sitting here crying myself. I’m so happy that their book didn’t disappoint you. That my words still can move you, and that my characters are still people that stay with you. XOXOXO

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