Black Friday Kindle Deal

Looking for a great Black Friday deal you don’t even need to leave your house for? I highly recommend grabbing a Kindle e-reader! I’m not sure I remember life without one now!

Earlier this year, I had to say goodbye to Kindy, my gen 2 Kindle Paperwhite, but it gave me the chance to upgrade to the all new Gen 10 Kindle Paperwhite. It was love at first read. This is the device I most frequently recommend! I paid full price with no regrets, because I wasn’t willing to wait on a deal, but today, you can grab one for only $84.99! This is a deal you don’t want to miss!

Why I love the Paperwhite

  • Easy on the eyes! The light on this device is perfect for binge reading and allows me to read without getting eye fatigue.
  • Built in light! Read anywhere and adjust your light settings to your preference! I love to read in bed, and this allows that without bothering anyone else!
  • Glare free! Read anywhere, any time without a glare!
  • Great storage! I can load up enough books for a long road trip, and still have all my other books stored on the cloud with unlimited storage space!
  • Portable! I love being able to toss my Paperwhite in my purse and easily carry a whole library with me everywhere I go!
  • Waterproof! Feel free to read on the beach or by the pool without worry.
  • More than just books! I can email myself any documents I want to read on the go I can even make notes and highlight.

Not ready to make the jump to the Paperwhite? The All New Kindle has come so far! Now with a front light that will allow you to read all cuddled up in bed, it will meet the needs of most readers. If you want to dip you toe in the e-reader pool for a bit less, this could be the perfect option for you! Today you can grab one for only $59.99!

Wanting to go all out? The Kindle Oasis has all the extra features! It now even features an adjustable warm light! If you want to boast the best of the best, this just might be the e-reader for you! Luckily, you can grab it for $219.99!

These sales will only last for a limited time! Make sure you check the price before you buy!

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