No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose

“You were everything I didn’t know I was looking for.  And I don’t think I can let you go.”  

Swoon!  I absolutely adore Stephanie Rose.  Her writing always hooks me from beginning to end.  This book was no exception. I loved Caterina and Joe!  

These characters were so much fun.  The character growth was phenomenal.  I absolutely loved watching Caterina open up to love again and learn to put love, and herself, before her work.  And Joe had me swooning. Not only was he perfect for Caterina, his dirty talk just may melt your Kindle! They had so much chemistry.  That was never in question. However, the logistics of making their surprise relationship work, posed a few problems. With a love like this, there was no way either of them could walk away.

I loved everything about this.  Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put it down.  The setting is fantastic, and transported me on my own little vacation.  The characters are interesting, and felt like my friends by the end. The storyline was paced perfectly and completely engaging.  And to top it off, the HEA is completely satisfying. This is definitely one book you don’t want to miss!



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