Crush by Mae Wood

The only thing headier than wine is lust.

Escape to California’s wine country in Crush by Mae Wood… it’s AVAILABLE NOW!!


The only thing headier than wine is lust.

Ryan Royer thought his business trip to California’s Napa Valley would be easy. Land a new client. Taste wine. But when the client is a free-spirited bombshell who presses all of his buttons, Ryan’s world goes sideways.

Kenzie Balfour is entirely irresistible. She’s the fourth generation to run The von Eck Estate Winery and she’s more intoxicating than any award-winning cabernet.

Ryan has been working hard for a promotion at one of the world’s top investment banks. If he can close this deal for her legendary winery, he gets the job. He can’t let a gorgeous woman with a great laugh get in the way of his goals. Even if she leaves him love drunk.

From a trouser-tightening almost-kiss at a restaurant to a seductive walk through a vineyard at sunset, can Ryan keep his crush on his client under control or will a taste of Kenzie be his downfall?

Escape to California’s wine country in Crush.

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This book is absolutely everything.  It has definitely been on my most anticipated list from the very beginning, and let me tell you, Ryan and Kenzie did not disappoint.  Not only did I fall head over red rubber boots for them, the setting took me on the perfect, relaxing vacation.

Ryan and Kenzie have a connection that can’t be denied from the very beginning.  And while insta-love isn’t at the top of my favorite tropes list, this was perfectly executed.  While that attraction was instant, the build to their relationship and connection unfolded perfectly over time.  Their connection went from a hot little spark to a blazing fire! I seriously adore this couple! While they have so many things that should drive them apart, they truly are the perfect fit.  There is the perfect push and pull that kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to yell at them at times, but it made the HEA that much sweeter!

Ryan is total book boyfriend material.  He is hot, smart, and knows a good thing when he sees it.  I also imagine he looks fantastic in his hockey gear. Kenzie is fantastic.  She knows how to enjoy life, but there is also a lot more to her than people see.  She can be the life of the party, but she can also be the brains of the operation. And when these two are together, it is incredibly hot!

Mae Wood is a fantastic storyteller.  Seriously, if you haven’t read her before you are in for such a treat.  I sat in my living room, but was transported right to Napa during this story.  The descriptions are so vivid, and I was truly swept away. She also has a way of writing real, relatable characters you can’t help but love.  I was supposed to be reading just a bit, but I ended up devouring the whole book with very few interruptions, because the world around me faded away.

This is a book you don’t want to miss!  I love it, and I’m really hoping there are a few more stories in the works for the No Names, because there are definitely some potential stories there.   I’m just not ready to leave this world behind, but I’ll be excited to read whatever Ms. Wood decides to give us next!


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About the Author

Professional sassypants and novelist, Mae Wood has been a bookworm her entire life.

She loves cheeses, complicated crafts that she’ll start but never complete, and puns.

A while ago Mae decided that she needed to give up the fear that she couldn’t write “great literature” and write what she wants to read.

And she wants romance. And laughter. And real life.

She wants heroines who are brave. Brave enough to be themselves and brave enough to fall in love. She wants men who are strong and kind.

Mae is the author of Genealogy, a novel that hit the top 100 on Amazon and top 20 in Apple Books.

Mae is married, and has two darling children and an old dog who naps at her feet while she writes.

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