Fighting for Us by Claire Kingsley

A brooding, wounded hero and the woman who won’t give up on him. A pack of unruly, prank-loving brothers. A wild neighborhood rumor mill. Spectacular BFF banter. This is a love story about soulmates that delivers the heat and all the feels. The Bailey Brothers series is meant to be read in order and Fighting for Us concludes Grace and Asher’s happily ever after.

Title: Fighting for Us

Author: Claire Kingsley

Release Date: May 28, 2020


I fell hard for Asher and Grace in Protecting You, but we knew their troubles were far from over. Picking up this book, I was immediately immersed back in their world. My heart broke for Asher and Grace and the struggles they faced as Asher returned home. There were times I wanted to scream at him to get it together, but this story is so well written that I could completely understand why that just wasn’t possible in the beginning.

However, even with such a push and pull with so many struggles to overcome, I still found myself laughing and smiling several times throughout this book. The pranks and shenanigans that go on had me laughing, and I found myself falling even harder for all of the other Bailey brothers. Even when Asher was having such a hard time, his love for Grace was never in question, and he made me swoon more than a few times.

The real star of this book to me, however, was Grace. I absolutely love Grace. She is the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. She loves Asher with all that she has. She is strong and supportive, but she also lets herself fall apart from time to time. And while she stands by Asher and loves him so, so much, she still has a backbone. I loved her from beginning to end and can’t wait to see her pop up again in the rest of this series! This is some of Kingsley’s best writing, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series holds!


How long would you wait for the love of your life?

The Asher Bailey who comes home to his quirky small town isn’t the same man who put a ring on Grace’s finger. He’s bigger, harder, haunted. Forced to give up Grace and everything else that was good in his life for a prison sentence he barely survived.  

Now that he’s home, he finds himself aggressively welcomed by his brothers and gleefully gossiped about by his neighbors. He’d counted on both. 

But he never expected to see Grace still wearing his ring. 

Grace’s fairy tale didn’t end. It was interrupted. She’s spent the last seven years living her life while waiting for one man. Now that he’s back, she’s got her work cut out for her. He’s scarred and angry, and stubbornly convinced they can’t be together. She’s more than happy to educate him otherwise. 

Every beer, every prank, every kiss brings him closer to where he’s always belonged. In her life. In her arms. In her heart. 

Asher fears the darkness inside him can’t be contained. But Grace won’t give up on him without a fight. 

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Claire Kingsley is an Amazon Top 10 bestselling author of sexy, heartfelt contemporary romance and romantic comedies. She writes books with sassy, quirky heroines, swoony heroes who love their women hard, panty-melting sexytimes, romantic happily ever afters, and lots of big feels.

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