In the Clear by Kathryn Nolan

Kathryn Nolan continues to show her ability to bring passion, entertainment, and so much heart to each and every story she writes.  Her ability to bring characters to life in a story that makes the real world fade away is second to none.  In the Clear only further solidifies her place as one of my favorite authors.

I couldn’t love Abraham and Sloane more.  From the very beginning of their reluctant partnership, I could feel their sparks, but I also loved them both individually!  Watching them work to bring down high society criminals had my heart pumping and my mind racing.  I love the mixture of romance and suspense!

As a fan of this whole series, I loved getting back together with the whole gang.  Their friendships and love stories made me smile over and over.  Codex is the best kind of escape!! Once you start this book, you won’t be able to put it down!



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He needs to keep the gorgeous competition out of his head…and his bed.

Former FBI agent Abe Royal believes in hard work, justice, and a suit for every occasion. He’s hot on the trail of an elusive book thief when he realizes he’s being followed…by a sultry, cunning stranger.

Ambitious, young detective Sloane Argento has just been handed the case of a lifetime. It’s a challenge she’s prepared to meet head-on. Until she finds herself in a sexy game of cat-and-mouse with the devastatingly handsome competition. Tempting the sinful devil hidden beneath his cool façade might just become as much a priority as capturing the criminal.

Abe’s stoic restraint shows cracks every time Sloane gets too close. He needs distance, rules to protect himself. But when teaming up is the only way to race the ticking clock, he’s left wondering just how long he can deny his attraction to this risky, red-hot distraction.

Author’s Note: Insta-lust meets suspense in this action-packed, flaming-hot romance about a stoic hero with a guarded heart and a kick-ass heroine with a few secrets.

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Included with Kindle Unlimited.