My Salvation by Jennifer Hanks


Nick and Maddie are absolutely PERFECT!!  I seriously love this story so much!!  When we first met Nick and Maddie in Lucy, I had no idea I would fall so hard for them, but this is absolutely one of my favorites from Jennifer Hanks!  It really has it all – amazing love story, fantastic characters, suspense, and an HEA that tied it all together perfectly!

Second chance stories can be really hard to pull off well.  I’m a total grudge holder, and if the author isn’t able to convince me the couple can really make it work the second time around, I’m left yelling, “Just move on!”  However, that wasn’t the case with this book at all.  I loved that Nick knew exactly how much he needed to make everything up to Maddie, and Maddie made him work to earn her trust back, but I could also see why Nick made the choices he did in the beginning.  I absolutely loved that he was a protector through and through from the very beginning!

Not only did I love Nick and Maddie, I absolutely loved getting to know all of the Elite boys even better.  They all have fantastic stories, and I can’t wait to dive in with each and every one of them.  I loved seeing Pike and the Dimarcos more as well.  I love the overlap in all of Jennifer’s series, because I really never want to say goodbye to any of them!  This is definitely a book you don’t want to miss!



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Nick Collins doesn’t believe he deserves salvation.

He’s spent years in the FBI chasing a man under the pretense of doing what’s right when all along, revenge has been his one true motive. After his life takes an unexpected turn, he vows to finish his mission and finally find the happiness he’s been denying himself for years.

That happiness lives less than a minute away.

And her name is Madeline Hughes.

Maddie has the ability to bring him back from the edge of the cliff he’s been balancing on. As his only weakness over the years, she became the one person with the power to keep the good inside of him from succumbing to the darkness.

And together they share a secret.

A secret that drives him with an intensity unlike anything he’s ever experienced and promises a future he never thought he could have, but first he has to prove he’s worthy.

It’s the biggest mission of his life.

But one he refuses to lose.

The town of New Hope should brace.

Because Nick Collins is finally coming home.

This is the second book in a spin-off series of The Dimarco Series. Can be read as a standalone. Many characters from The Dimarco Series will appear in this story.