My Life as a Holiday Album by LJ Evans

I was so excited when LJ said she was releasing this book. I absolutely love the holidays, and this is one of my all time favorite series, so it seemed to be the perfect combination! However, as usual, LJ went above and beyond with this book. She took what could have been a fluffy, easy book and turned it into so much more.

This book is full of heart, romance, and characters who learn to overcome struggles and live resiliently wrapped up in holiday traditions, the love of family and friends, and past characters I absolutely adore. It was everything I hoped for and so much more. It’s a holiday book with depth. The way these stories are woven together is perfection. I love that each couple has their own story with their own struggles and successes, but they all flow together to give a complete timeline. It really adds to the overall depth of the book as opposed to an anthology of standalones. Good luck choosing a favorite though. Each of these stories is so special and unique in its own way.

While this can be read without reading the series first, you will definitely fall in love with this group of friends and want to go back to read all of the original stories. You could also read each of these stories individually and out of order, but I really don’t recommend it. I think following the timeline adds a great flow and depth to these stories as you read through in order. But I fully admit I am a read the series in order kinda girl.

“She was the bow to my present, the universe of stars to my small round Earth.”

This holiday, all the children from the original cast of the album series come home with secrets sure to send their parents and their families into a frenzy. Will they be able to keep them hidden, or will they be exposed with a bang that isn’t at all the New Year’s Eve fireworks that are planned?

Edie is so pregnant she’s about to burst, but she’s come back to her small town in Tennessee minus her Scottish, whiskey distillery owning husband. What she doesn’t tell anyone is her marriage may be over before it’s had a chance to really begin.

Khiley and Stephen have been soulmates since they could crawl. Unfortunately, the secret they’re keeping may be the one thing to tear them apart forever.

Ty is tired of being compared to his dead, football god of an uncle. He wants to be recognized for his own talent and passion. The chip he’s wearing on his shoulder may be the one thing to keep him from getting the woman he loves and his future in the pros.

Eliza is ready to step into a future with the one man who’s loved her for who she is rather than her famous family. The secret she shares with her Air Force cadet boyfriend is sure to knock everyone for a loop.

Joining Watery Reflection has been an experience most musicians would give a right eye for, but to Mayson, it’s a threat to everything he holds dear, especially his relationship with Grace. Can he set things right before he loses her completely?

Ginny is the family member who keeps everyone else’s dreams on course. She’s the shoulder to cry on and the conscience to guide the way. But when Cole walks into the room, she sees something she wants for herself. Can she have him without sacrificing her family’s happiness?

From award-winning author, LJ Evans, comes six holiday love stories tied together in a colorful ribbon as original as the My Life as an Album series itself. If you loved any of the album series books, you won’t want to miss this soul-filling, wintery goodness inspired by Lady A’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

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Award winning author, LJ Evans, lives in the California Central Valley with her husband, daughter, and the three terrors called cats. She’s been writing, almost as a compulsion, since she was a little girl and will often pull the car over to write when a song lyric strikes her. A former first-grade teacher, she now spends her days reading and writing, as well as binge-watching original shows like The Crown, The Great, Veronica Mars and Stranger Things.

If you ask her the one thing she won’t do, it’s pretty much anything that involves dirt—sports, gardening, or otherwise. But she loves to write about all of those things, and her first published heroine was pretty much involved with dirt on a daily basis. Which is exactly what LJ loves about fiction novels—the characters can be everything you’re not and still make their way into your heart.

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