Review System

As I review books, I will keep the overall ranking system easy.  To each book I will be applying a score out of 5.  I will, however also include a quick summary of the book (spoilers will be clearly marked if included) and a quick description of what I liked and what I didn’t.  I am happy to sing the praises of good books, but I won’t hesitate to be honest when something falls short.

5- Go out and buy this book now!  Love it!

4- Buy it.  Good read.

3- Pretty good read, but I have some complaints.

2- Okay read, but there are some serious complaints.

1- Don’t waste your time.

0- Not really sure what happened here.  Hated or didn’t finish.

*Any books received in exchange for an honest review will be clearly marked.  However, an advanced reader copy does not guarantee a positive review.  All reviews will include my honest opinion.